TTD Online Room Booking Availability – How to Check ?

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Getting TTD Accommodation and Rooms can be very difficult, if you do not plan ahead of time.  You will need to check on the availability of the rooms at TTD in Tirumala or Tirupati from time to time to have an idea so that you can book when you have availability. Usually rooms are booked about 2 months in advance for peak days. So, how do you check the availability of the rooms, below are the details.  Also, you can read  Step by Step Guide on How to Book Rooms in TTD in Tirumala

Do you need Login Created for Checking availability fo the rooms in TTD in Tirumala or Tirupati ?

NO, you do not need any login to be created for checking the availability. But, it is good idea to create it, as it does not hurt.

How to check Availability of TTD Rooms or Accommodation online – Availability Chart ?

You have couple of ways of doing it. One is directly accessing the URL for the same or second is going by menu list.

  • Check directly  : Click on the TTD Rooms Availability URL  . You will see chart availability like Below. You can select the location and then the date. If green, it is available. If Red, it is not available TTD Rooms Availability Chart
  • Check from Menu  : Sometimes, you may not be able to check the TTD accommodation availability chart due to some security issues or bug, then you will need to go to menu and then click on the rooms or accommodation.  See below. You will see the details like above once you select this option. Check from Menu TTD Room Availability


  1. Ttd. Dersan. 25/03/2018++++

    Room. Please. Hide. Me. Please

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  3. Sir,kindly book me a three bed room on 5-1-2018 for two days. My mother is 62 aged sick person.she needs a room for staying. So,please kindly grant me a room sir.waiting for your kind reply sir. Please message me a good reply sir. My number 8807310631

  4. I want to book rooms for 3 days. How to do that?? As I’m only able to select one date at a time

  5. Can we book rooms with reference to building, like Ram bagheecha, instead of rent based like Re.500.

    1. Accomodation bookings are divided in to two categories ie one is called advance booking and the other one called current booking. For advance booking through TTD seva on line, the booking can be done based on the rental rates mentioned in the website, either in Tirumala or in Tirupati. Based on the booking already made, when he approaches the CRO office for allotment of room at a particuar slot period, the pilgrim is at liberty to request the counter clerk to allot a room in a particular guest house of his choice, at the rental rate already booked and the same may be allotted subject to availability.
      For CURRENT BOOKING, the pilgrims who stand in the queue, seeking accommodation, are at liberty to request for a particular guest house like Varahaswamy guest house, Rambageecha guest house etc.. Subject to availabiity, the rooms will be allotted in the specified guest houses.
      To conclude, there is no provision in the on-line booking facility, for choosing a particular guest house either in Tirumala or in Tirupati, irrespectve the rental rates.

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