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How to prepare for Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect Exam ? Pass ?

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If you are a solution architect or wanting to be one, it is very important to be up to date with the current market in terms of the latest cloud technologies…nothing is better than getting a certification from one of the upcoming and strong cloud players like Google. I have recently completed Associate Cloud Engineer(ACE) and just yesterday completed my …

How to prepare for GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam? Pass ?

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Cloud certification is one of the most sought things these days, if you are in technology world. It is even more important to have a Cloud Certification like Associate Cloud Engineer from Google. I was able to pass my Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Exam yesterday, below is the methodology I followed to prepare, tips after taking the exam, so …

Ezoic Ads for Website – Review. Better than Adsense, ?

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Firstly, I have been using Adsense for a very long time over 8 years, started out on and then moved to create my own website. I have also used for the last two years or so…I have tremendous amount of firsthand experience using and scaling my blog traffic from few visitors to over 15,000 visitors a day and …

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Best Car Rental in Johor Bahru Checkpoint – Wahdah Review

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One of the common things that you do when you live in a country like Singapore is travel to Malaysia. We looked up online and talked to many people regarding renting the car. There are many choices like Hertz, Avis, Eurocar and many local players. But, the most convenient one for anyone traveling from Singapore is something that you can …

Alexa Echospot – Video Not Available Stuck up ? Solution

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Alexa Echspot has a nice screen, but it does not play all the videos like YouTube or anything, it searches on Bing and then tries to play the top video. If the video is not available in your region, you are not in good position. Your screen on Alexa Echospot will show like below “Video Not Available” and then something …