Boroline Antiseptic Cream – Review

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Q) How did you get introduced to Boroline Cream?

In my teenage I suffered from pimples and tried various creams. None of them could solve the problem completely. My skin is oil in nature. Some soaps like Acnil, Pears, Dove worked to some extent. I also tried Eraser, Nomarks cream but didn’t continue them. One day my sister suggested me Boroline cream and on buying it, I was stumped to see that it is not at all related to pimples. But my sister assured me that there wouldn’t be any side effects and Boroline would work like a charm and I was surprised to see the positive results of Boroline on my skin. It worked wonders for me and I’m pimple free now.

Q) What do you like about Boroline Cream?

1) Its power to heal wounds and control pimples.

2) Simple design.

3) Very low price.

Q) Do you want to suggest anything on Boroline Cream?

Nothing. Please keep up the great work. We need more such products in many areas.

Q) Any final words about Boroline Cream?

Boroline works like a magic for people suffering from pimples. If your skin is oil in nature it would control generation of pimples to a great extent. It also slowly clears old scars and acne. You must give it a try.

Additonal Notes : Boroline is basically a Antiseptic Perfumed Cream.  It claims that it  can fight germs, work wonders to cure cuts and wounds, general skin infections and post operative stitches.

Boroline protects and softens skin. Heals all dry conditions like chapped, cracked, abraded skin and sun burnt skin. It contains Boric Acid IP, Zinc Oxide IP, White Petroleum Jelly IP and Anhydrous Lanolin IP. It is manufactured by G.D. Pharmaceuticals Private Limited.


  1. Shefali

    Boroline is TERRIBLE for your face. It will clog all your pores and make your face greasy and even more acne prone. If you have a dry skin, get a proper facial moisturizer for it. A day cream with SPF for the day and a more moisture rich cream for the night. If you have oily skin you can use a gel. VLCC Spring has some great products out right now. Boroline on the face? Only if you want to ruin your skin.

    1. Mamta

      Boroline is not suggested for pimple prone skin and instead of using as day cream it is preferable to be used as night cream. One can see its best result if it is used during night before sleep. Just a amall amount is sufficient for whole face. If one wants to be pimple free using boriline then try to use it a day after face scrub/clean-up/facial (gel based). The effect would be magical as per my experience. Even it is useful for oily skin.

  2. Wanyata

    I just love Boroline as after is started using it, i am free of all type of skin problem.

  3. Adaphro

    As per me Boroline is very good even for oily skin.My face is an acne prone skin n oily too I tried many product but no action so I tried this cream n it really worked wonder. But it is better to apply before going to bed not during the day.

  4. Guria

    Hi.. felt lil relaxdf after reading review .. but hope it will do d same with me.. i just fed of pimples , pimples’scars .. n redness n infections ufff .. my mumma adviced me to give a try to boroline … Hope for d best results on my skin .. !! I miss my flawless skin. Alot .. when i used to get compliment for this..

  5. ugl

    Does it really work ?? M suffering from Horrible pimples n. Spots .. that looses. My confidence …iwhenever see my face in mirror i feel like cry .. m giving try to boroline .. if it works. Then. Will tell u. My reults ..i am missing my. Clear skin. Hope boroline will help me to get. Back my clear face ..

    1. Aakansha

      Yeah it will definitely work for u. As it worked for me.i am suffering from acne problem. Boroline is doing magic on my skin. Acne reduced in merely a week.though it would take time but i assure you that acne would be all gone

  6. Ramana

    Apply a little amount of boroline on your face. The amount should JUST cover your whole face. Leave it overnight and in the morning wash it with a face wash. Now your skin will look less oily and the acne will look better.
    Don’t do this too much and don’t apply too much boroline or else you will end up with oily skin.

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